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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreatsin Ibiza

There are two sides to Ibiza – there’s its well-known party personality, famed for all-night clubbing and nonstop hedonism, and then there’s the other side of the coin – the quiet, relaxing, healing side that’s less renowned but no less powerful. Wherever your interests lie, it’s worth knowing that Ibiza has something for everyone – for the yin, yang and whatever lies in between. So it should come as no surprise that Ibiza is a yoga retreat hotspot. Yogis and yoga teachers tend to flock to the white isle, drawn by a potent power that no one can really put their finger on but nevertheless feel deeply, and that means that there are no end of retreats, workshops and yoga classes to choose from.

The added bonus, of course, is that all these yoga retreats and associated courses take place in spectacular locations amid Ibiza’s rolling hills, on its spectacular beaches, and in beautiful villas with infinity pools offering peerless views of sunset. They offer the chance to improve your yoga practice, to engage mindfulness, to practice breathwork and to embark on a journey of self-healing that doubles as a beach holiday as well. Small wonder Ibiza is one of the best places in Spain for yoga retreats.

Recommended yoga retreats in Ibiza

Ibiza Retreats

Island-leading Ibiza Retreats is led by world-class yoga teachers who head up wellness retreats encouraging self-exploration, reconnection and a deepening yoga practice led by qualified yogis and founder, Larah Davis. There are a range of different yoga retreats to choose from, with each focusing on different elements like self enquiry, sound healing, self massage, quantum coaching and more. Week-long options are available for digging deeper beneath the surface.

Ghl Ibiza Retreats 1

Ananda Yoga Retreats Ibiza

A UK-based company that’s expanded to include the Balearics, Ananda retreats and yoga holidays take place in the beautiful northern beach of Benirras. Sun-kissed days are sandwiched by deepening your yoga practice, but also include meditation and pranayama techniques, delicious locally-sourced, plant-based food, and the option to dabble in massage, reflexology and facial treatments.

Ghl Ibiza Anandayoga

Soulshine Yoga Retreat

Billed as profound, heart-centred and life-changing journeys for women, Soulshine retreats, workshops and coaching programs promise to reinvigorate tired bodies and minds in a beautiful Ibiza-based finca. Expect lots of soul searching, yoga classes, breath work and meditation in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Ghl Ibiza Soulshineretretas

Yogarosa Retreats Ibiza

A holistic yoga retreat that’s focused on a combination of yoga asana flow, pranayama meditation and quiet reflection, these retreats specialise in one-to-one tuition in the comfort of Rosa’s home, with a host of additional treatments including bodywork, reiki and chakra healing available.

Ghl Ibiza Yogarosa Retreats

Avatara Ibiza

Offering dedicated holistic leadership mentoring, Avatara has teamed up with GHL Ibiza to develop retreats for the corporate market on Ibiza, allowing organisations and teams to immerse themselves in tailor-made, all-inclusive, luxury yoga retreats that include daily yoga classes, spa treatments and meditation in a laid-back environment with sea views.

Ghl Ibiza Avatara Retreats

Other places to practice yoga on Ibiza

Yogis aren’t limited to specific yoga retreats on their visits to Ibiza, as the island is inundated with options for all kinds of yoga abilities in many different Ibizan locations and venues. Be sure to check out Agroturismo Atzaro, right in the heart of Ibiza, for inspiring drop-in yoga classes and a truly sumptuous spa that’s designed to promote an innate sense of wellness and healing in the most stunning surroundings. In the nearby town of Santa Eulalia lies another fabulous spot for yoga and general relaxation, Aguas de Ibiza. Boasting one of the best spas on the island, this is a great space to experience full-body rejuvenation during your free time. Meanwhile, dedicated meditation retreats are also abundant if you’re keen to deepen that particular practice, or there are retreats focused on Hatha yoga, Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates and more.

Ghl Ibiza Yoga Retreats

Why practice yoga in Ibiza?

There are few islands that boast the sheer magnetism of Ibiza – don’t believe us? Head to Es Vedrá, the majestic monolith jutting upwards from the seabed just off the southwest coast of the island. Some locals claim it’s the third most magnetic point on earth and regardless of the validity of that statement, there’s no denying its compelling allure. It’s this essence that draws yogis to Ibiza year after year. So if you’re coming on a beach holiday to Ibiza and you also want to improve mindfulness and ability or promote deeper healing, it makes sense to combine the two and see what the results are for yourself. Yoga has the power to change our lives, and when combined with arguably Spain’s most popular island, the outcome could well prove explosive.

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