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Schoolsin Ibiza

Anyone planning to relocate to Ibiza in Spain with a family in tow will have Ibiza schools firmly at the top of their to-do lists. So first of all, let us put your minds at ease by confirming that the island has a range of excellent Spanish, English and French-speaking schools that are suitable for children of all ages. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that as well as having the privilege of enjoying the quintessential laid-back Balearic lifestyle, your children will also be getting an

excellent education courtesy of some A-list teaching and first-rate school environments, that will set them well on the path to success as they blossom from children into adolescents and beyond. In fact, what many parents on Ibiza will tell you is to put aside any reservations you have about language barriers and instead trust that your kids are in good hands – Ibiza is the perfect island for kids to grow up on.

Choosing a School in Ibiza

Morna International College

One of Ibiza’s most well-known Spanish schools, Morna International College is located on the outskirts of Santa Gertrudis in the centre of the island. Seamlessly blending academic studies with free-flowing creativity, this school is for children of all ages – from nursery (as young as three years old) right through to sixth form. Morna has an inclusive admissions policy, requesting only that students have a good level of English before starting school, and if that’s not possible, one option is to commit to after-hours English language tuition. Morna International College broadly follows the English National Curriculum, and so has a lot of students from the UK.

Ghl Ibiza Guide Morna International School

Lycée Francais International d'Ibiza

Focusing on a French education curriculum, the Lycée Francais is a semi private school where teaching and classes are delivered in the French language. there are many nationalities of children in each class (including French, Spanish and English), and pupils here can begin at nursery age and continue through to College Francais (up to 16 years old). The school, located near Ibiza Town, is subsidised by the French government and subsequently there’s a strong emphasis on language education, with intensive courses in Catalan and English offered, through French is still the primary language in the classroom.

Ghl Ibiza Guide French International School

Waldorf Ibiza

This school with GHL Ibiza founder René Heinz’s personal approval, as it’s the school his son attends. He comments that the teachers at this school are all extremely dedicated to their work and that parents have the opportunity to be involved in the curriculum and educational processes. The school’s philosophy for happy pupils is based on the principles of Austrian scientist, philosopher and artist, Rudolf Steiner, and is based on three primary pillars: respect for each kid on their development journey; professional teamwork among teachers; and constant collaboration between the school and family. The curriculum include maths, science, art and movement.

Ghl Ibiza Guide Waldorf International School

Colegio Mestral

Offering classes from nursery through to college, Collegi Mestral is an Ibiza international school that aims to constantly adapt to the needs and learning development of each student, with an emphasis on co-operative learning and creativity combined with critical thinking. Their goal is for students to speak multiple languages, including Spanish, English and German – as is common on the rest of the island. In secondary school, there is also a robotics program, providing an introduction to logical and mathematical thought.

Ghl Ibiza Guide Mestral International School

Ibiza is a School

Ibiza is a veritable hotbed of international nationalities and that in itself provides a basis for life learning that can’t be beaten. Throw in the stunning natural landscape and a selection of international schools that are some of the best in Spain and you’re guaranteed to be giving your child a genuine head start in life, regardless of where they settle. From as young as three years old through to college-age, there is a school on Ibiza that will fit your child’s personality perfectly – you’re almost spoilt for choice. Small wonder so many families are choosing to move their families and home to Ibiza. So if you’re considering relocating to Spain, don’t have any doubts and make the move now – by the time your kids are teenagers they’ll be proficient in more languages than you could ever have hoped for!

Ghl Ibiza Guide International Schools

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