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This wonderful modern villa with a rustic touch is nestled in San Rafael, in the centre of the island very …

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Flat San Rafael

Property For Sale in San Rafael

For many, Ibiza in Spain has long represented what it means to live the dream life. A small Baleares island located off the east coast of Spain, this Mediterranean haven has been a sanctuary for the world’s free spirits since as far back as the 1960s. It’s been evolving as a destination ever since, but what’s stayed resolutely the same is the inimitable Ibiza state of mind, an attitude to love, work and play that you simply don’t find anywhere else in the world. Bohemian at heart, Ibicencos and adopted Ibizans tend to have an easygoing outlook that favours tolerance over judgement and freedom over restrictions – small wonder it’s one of the most desirable places in the world to live.

To live and breathe in Ibiza is to surrender to and embrace this ideology. People from Spain and all over the rest of the world make their home on the island and that makes it an exciting melting point of influences, cultures and musical tastes. That’s visible in the architecture, food and club nights, and in the laid-back manner that people interact with each other. Few places embody the idea of liberty like Ibiza, and that’s why it continues to captures the world’s imagination so convincingly.

Spectacular Blakstad renovation with sea views
Ref. 1875 / San Rafael
Unique hilltop luxury estate in the heart of the island
Ref. 1846 / San Rafael

Why live in San Rafael?

If you like the sound of the Ibiza way of life it’s worth getting to know the island a little before permanently relocating here. That way, you can make an informed decision about where to lay roots. Because as you would expect, every town, municipality and coastal area on Ibiza has a different personality and way of doing things. Each place is home to different property types too – villas, fincas, estates, houses, apartments and real estate in general can vary depending on where you are on the island. Plus it’s worth scoping out proximity to schools, amenities, and other places of interest before making an offer on property for sale.

With that in mind, let us introduce San Rafael, a centrally located enclave with lots of property for sale that should definitely be on your radar. Situated in the centre of Ibiza, it’s incredibly well connected to every other town, beach and village on the island thanks to a highway that runs directly parallel to its centre. Bustling and with a lively bar and restaurant scene, it’s a hotspot for locals who live there all year round, providing easy access to the benefits of a cosmopolitan island lifestyle with Ibiza’s incredibly beautiful countryside pretty much on your doorstep.

Finding property for sale in San Rafael

At GHL Ibiza, our aim is to make moving to Ibiza and finding a property for sale as easy as possible for our clients. And we do that by offering impeccable customer service that’s backed up by decades of experience and a bulging little black book of contacts. That’s great news for anyone looking for their perfect San Rafael home, and rest assured, we can’t wait to introduce you to one of our favourite locations on Ibiza – the ideal property is waiting for you, let’s discover it together! 
There are lots of different property types for sale in San Rafael. Traditionalists will love the rustic. whitewashed fincas that dot the campo, while modernists will definitely want to check out the spacious luxury villas found among the green-topped hills. Families will perhaps be on the hunt for many-bedroom country houses with large living rooms or annexes, and the ambitious among you might be searching for the perfect piece of land with a grand plot size so that you can build or renovate your own space for personal use or to acquire a tourist license. In some cases there might be a wait involved, but we’re confident that eventually the perfect property will appear and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know about it when it does.

Most villas and fincas are situated in the countryside surrounding San Rafael, and make no mistake, the Balearic landscape is stunning. Pine trees with lime green needles burst forth from the terracotta-hued soil, almond trees heavy with fluffy white blossoms bloom in spring, and vineyards bearing fruits that will soon become wine line the hills. Tranquil and quiet, this area of San Rafael provides peacefulness just a stone’s throw from the main San Rafael town, essentially giving you the best of both worlds. And while each San Rafael home is different, you can be sure that the dream villa, house, finca, apartment, estate or piece of land for you does exist and that we’re on a mission to help you find it.

Access to San Rafael

Situated smack bang in the middle of Ibiza, it’s easy to reach anywhere from the heart of San Rafael, but here are some examples of distances you can expect to drive by car to the nearest towns, beaches and schools.

Ibiza town (for Dalt Vila, Talamanca and Formentera) – 13 minutes
San Rafael to Santa Eulalia – 15 minutes
San Rafael to San Antonio – 17 minutes
San Rafael to Roca Llisa – 22 minutes
San Rafael to Morna (one of the island’s best schools) – 8 minutes
San Rafael to Santa Gertrudis – 11 minutes
San Rafael to Cala Conta – 25 minutes
San Rafael to Cala Bassa – 22 minutes
San Rafael to Cala Gracio – 14 minutes
San Rafael to Cala Tarida. – 23 minutes
San Rafael to Santa Inès – 14 minutes

How to make sure you get your dream San Rafael home

As Ibiza’s popularity increases, we get more and more requests to help find properties for sale or rent on the island. Among the most popular are luxury villas with multiple bedrooms and outdoor space like terraces (sadly not with sea views in San Rafael!), traditional Balearic fincas to renovate, spacious houses with lots of bedrooms to accommodate the entire family, and even entire estates. In the majority of cases, we’re able to source the perfect property, but sometimes we’re also able to surprise our clients with the San Rafael home that’s different to how they envisioned but still exactly what they wanted.

For that reason, we advise our clients to be flexible, and in true Ibiza fashion, to let fate lead the way at times. That might mean waiting a little longer for the ideal property to be put on the market for sale, or expanding the parameters of what you’re looking for. Perhaps you have a vision of you and your family living in a particular style or size of villa or house, but maybe by searching beyond that pre-defined image you’ll stumble upon something even better. Ibiza is a land of surprises, let her work her magic!

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