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Nestled in the heart of the island, in a peaceful location equidistant to San Juan and Ibiza Town, this is …

Price: 1.700.000
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Plot Ibiza

Great opportunity to build in Ibiza’s protected north

This is a wonderful opportunity to build a large villa with annex ready with a project and license in the …

Price: 1.800.000
Ref. 1483 / San Lorenzo
Two plots with two beautiful modern villa projects with license in the Golf

The two plots with projects for two separate villas are sold together – they are set in urban land in …

Price: 1.650.000
Ref. 1478 / Santa Eulalia
Generous plot with modern villa project

The large plot of land is in a peaceful location away from any main roads – set within a forested …

Price: 1.300.000
Ref. 1476 / Santa Gertrudis
Front line sea views and privacy from hill top villa project

This is a magnificent villa to be built in one of the most stunning areas of the island, just fifteen …

Price: 7.900.000
Ref. 1459 / San Jose

A plot of land on Ibiza - turn your own ideas into reality

The limited size of the island also limits the amount of land available for property construction. For this reason, there are very few suitable plots of land on the market at the moment. To make matters worse, many of the so-called construction plots cannot actually be built upon, because the laws on Ibiza are very strict and nothing can be built without the appropriate planning permission. On Ibiza, plots of land are divided into “Zona Rústica”, that is to say in the rural zone with no direct neighbours but possibly without basic infrastructure such as electricity and running water, and “Zona Urbano”, that is to say a developed construction area with all the associated advantages and disadvantages. If you want to buy a plot of land in the “Zona Rústica”, you definitely need to speak to your broker to ensure that all the paperwork is in order and that you would in fact have permission to build on the land.

What in particular should I look out for?

The most important thing, of course, is to check whether you are permitted to build on the land. In some cases, the permit may already exist, in others you will have to apply for it.

Can I build on any plot of land?

No, of course not, because in the “Zona Rústica” the priority is protecting nature. This means that extremely strict conditions must be met and special permits must be obtained. GHL and its partners will help you with the entire process – from purchase to planning permission.

Newly built sea views villa in walking distance to the beach

This beautiful newly built villa is located in a quiet area near the famous sunset beaches of Cala Conta, San …

Price: 3.150.000
Ref. 1387 / Sant Josep
Land with project and license with gorgeous sea views

This wonderful plot with a licence to build a very contemporary villa boasts spectacular sea views, near to the golf …

Price: 1.850.000
Ref. 1383 / Santa Eulalia
500m2 Blakstad project on magical plot

This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire a great piece of land in a prised location with a 500m2 project …

Price: 3.200.000
Ref. 1331 / Sant Joan

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