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Spanish NIE Numbers: Why You Need One, and How to Get One in Ibiza

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Spanish NIE Numbers: Why You Need One, and How to Get One in Ibiza

Before buying the property of your dreams, there is a mandatory certificate needed for you to become the owner of an Ibiza Real Estate. This is a fiscal number, called the N.I.E number – abbreviation for “Número de Identidad de Extranjero”, which translates as Foreigners’ Identification Number.

What is it? The N.I.E number, is like the British National Insurance Number or the American Social Security Number – it’s a unique code for each person that lasts for their whole life and allows them to pay tax, purchase property and pay utility bills.

When do you need it? When you are buying a property in Ibiza, then you need to have a N.I.E number by the time you sign the deeds of purchase before notary, an event known in Spanish as the “Escritura” (last step of the buying process). If you want to know more about the steps involved in purchasing a property, read our previous blog: 3 Steps for Buying a Property in Ibiza.

How to apply? There are three ways to apply for a Spanish N.I.E number. You can apply in person at the local police station of Ibiza, you can apply in person via a Spanish Consulate in the country where you live, or you can apply through a representative in Spain.

If you decide to go with the first option, while you are here in Ibiza, consider that is a relatively straightforward procedure. The only inconvenience is that you may have to wait for several hours in a queue in order to submit your application at the Ibiza police station, especially in summer when island’s population doubled.

Nie Register

The process is as follows:

• First you need to book an appointment online – we would advice to book it well in advance.

• Then you will be asked to attend the police station of Ibiza to have an interview and bring all the necessary documentation.

• Then you will have a second appointment at the police station to collect you NIE card. You might be able to get an N.I.E number in person in Ibiza in a couple of days, but it could also take weeks, so best allow yourself plenty of time. Once issued, the N.I.E card, which may come in plastic card or paper form, will attach a unique fiscal number to you and you will use this in all business transactions you may be involved in.

Does N.I.E. number have an expiration day? N.I.E number certificates were being issued with a 3-month validity from the time of issue; after these months you were expected to apply for residency, or register as a non-resident. However, in 2016 the regulation was changed in order to get rid of the three-month expiry deadline, so N.I.E numbers are now valid indefinitely. In principle you can get your N.I.E number anytime before you buy, but to be on the safe side you might want to do this as soon as possible.

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