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Christmas and Holiday Season in Ibiza: What You Need to Know

Ibiza Christmas 3

Christmas and Holiday Season in Ibiza: What You Need to Know

Christmas in Ibiza is something special, the island truly comes alive during the festive period. The celebrations are not a big contrast for those looking forward to the mulled wine and roaring fires as in most part of northern Europe, but its all year-round sunshine and relaxed, Mediterranean vibe still create a very different scene in late December. If you’ve grown up dreaming of a white Christmas, you’re unlikely to find one here in Ibiza as it never snow, usually is actually warm enough to step outside with just a jumper, sometimes you can also have a stroll on the beach on your t-shirt! And there are other things to get your head round, too.

For one thing, turkey will probably be off the menu. Christmas dinners in Ibiza is all about fresh fish and the famous dessert Salsa de Nadal, a sweet sauce which is a mix of toasted almonds, eggs, sugar and cinnamon with water or beef stock. It can be served alone or with cake and biscuits to dip in. You should be aware also that in Ibiza (and Spain in general), you’ve got two present-giving days, not just one. Presents are given on Christmas Day and also on the 6th of January, El Día De Los Reyes Magos (the Day of the Three Kings). The celebration of The 3 Kings is one of the most iconic of all Spanish Christmas traditions, celebrated across the country, but Ibiza’s maritime setting adds a beauty all of its own. The ‘3 Kings’ begin their parade by disembarking from a boat, lit up with Christmas decorations, in a scene which never fails to wow the legions of children in attendance.

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But don’t worry, other Ibiza Christmas traditions are rather more familiar. In Ibiza town and  other villages you’ll find Christmas lights, Christmas carols signing and Christmas markets. The night of December 24 sees families line the streets to sing carols, and the experience is just as Christmassy as it is in northerly countries — even though there’s usually less chill in the air.

We can’t promise that Santa Claus will visit you and your loved ones this year, but we can help you to make the most of your first festive period in Ibiza. Check out our previous blog to discover why we love so much Christmas in Ibiza.

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