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What Makes a Home Sustainable?

What Makes a Home Sustainable?

Once upon a time, every home built in Ibiza was sustainable. That’s because in the past, people only had access to natural materials provided by the island. They built their homes from the resources around them, onto the land they had. This is how the traditional rural houses were made.

Things however, began to change. New materials arrived as well as new techniques. Nowadays, many homeowners in Ibiza are coming back to the sustainable roots and are becoming increasingly aware of how new technologies could not only help to protect the local environment, but also save them money in the long run!

In the modern era, here’s what it means for a home to be sustainable:

Modern Home

Thanks to modern advances in technology, you can get your home to do a lot of the work for you when it comes to sustainability. An example is the use of programmable thermostats, designed to ensure you’re only using the heating and cooling that you need in the rooms you’re using. You can tell your thermostat to take a break while you’re out of the house for the day or have it pump out less air while you sleep.

Built to Last

A sustainable home isn’t one that’s going to fall into disrepair in the next couple of decades; instead, it’s one that’s built to last — and these types of high-quality materials often come with added energy-efficient benefits!

Energy Efficient

It’s clear that a sustainable home must be an efficient one. This means more than just being energy-efficient though: Your house should be built according to the local climate so that it’s equipped to withstand whatever weather and temperatures come your way. In Ibiza, this means to keep cool during the warm summer months, but also to stay warm during the colder months.

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