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Tips to invest in the Ibiza property market

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Tips to invest in the Ibiza property market

It’s said that Ibiza is always a good idea, however, before investing in the Ibiza real estate market, you will need a good understanding of the strict laws governing tourist rentals and have a grasp on the legalities of property development.

The Ibiza holiday rental market is booming, but just because a property is for sale at an attractive price, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good investment! There are (and have always been) strict laws governing tourist rentals and you need to make sure the house you are buying is completely legal. Our experienced team can help you with that, check out our services page.

When it comes to location, there isn’t really a bad area, but you should consider what holidaymakers are after, sometimes privacy and beautiful views can be more important than location. There are some hotspots you should know: the charming village of Santa Gertrudis is the preferred non-beach location in the heart of the island. The area of Cala Salada is a great set for sunset views. San José is always a popular area with international clients, this small town is beautifully maintained and chock full of buzzing restaurants, cafes & shops. The village of San Carlos, located near the hippy market of Las Dalias, is always charming and a good place to invest. The exclusive area of Es Cubells is the ideal place for seclusion and beautiful views to Formentera.

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Once you’ve invested in your new Ibiza property, you should allocate additional budget to preparing the villa for rentals. The most common renovations needed are to upgrade sleek, modern bathrooms and fully-equipped kitchens in existing properties, making the property child-friendly, investing in good quality linens, towels, sun loungers, televisions, outdoor dining tables and also ensuring everything works properly and is not over-complicated.

Here at GHL we can help you manage your rental property and build up a stock of repeat guests.

In a previous blog we looked at the benefits of buying to let in Ibiza.

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