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The growing appeal of rustic properties in Ibiza

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The growing appeal of rustic properties in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza has the great advantage of enjoying a picturesque landscape from the green hills to the sea, with fertile farmland and dense pine forests. In recent years the island has seen a progressive growth in popularity of the rustic sector, particularly from international buyers, who are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, compared to the buzzing life in the South of the island.

The rural areas of Ibiza are full of beautiful farmhouses that are hundreds of years old. These are noble and unique buildings from times past, built in harmony with the environment. Since the 1950s the authentic rural society for which they were built has gradually been abandoned, and today most of these estates have become holiday retreats, rural hotels and even first homes. Many are still ruins waiting for an expert hand to return them to their former glory. These beautiful traditional Ibizan fincas are the properties our clients are looking for – houses with charm and history, privacy and tranquillity, with close proximity to nature but also the comforts of the 21st century.

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The demand for these types of properties is on the rise. In the last year, there has been an increase in customers who are looking for a change of life and choosing Ibiza as a destination. Check out our previous blog. “Demand of properties in the North is growing”.

The climate, the landscape, the gastronomy and the rich culture and history of Ibiza is becoming known around the world. The low density of population in rural areas is also important, along with the fact that rural land cannot be built on but only existing properties or ruins can be restored. These factors all help to give an exclusive air to the area and attract international clients who also love nature and ecology, outdoor sports, holistic activities and a life free from the stress of the city.

Check out our portfolio of beautiful rural villas here.

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