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Retreat space for Ibiza Retreats

Retreat space for Ibiza Retreats

When Larah and Susie came into our office looking for their own retreat space, we immediately understood what they needed for their yoga retreat project, Ibiza Retreats. Since 2008 Larah and Susie have been working to create a wellness “nexus point” for yogis and those in need of space and support to rejuvenate, heal and grow. 

Over the last 9 years, Ibiza Retreats has cultivated a portfolio of the finest retreat locations on the island – whilst also gathering a dream team of world-class teachers, holistic therapists, healers, healthy chefs and nutritionists to offer inspirational and transformational retreat experiences for guests from all over the world.

Ibiza Retreats has grown to become one of Ibiza’s most respected wellness organisations, so the need to have their own “home-base” grew too. Larah and Susie began searching for their own retreat space and therefore came to seek help at our offices. We immediately believed in their vision, the purpose of their work and recognised their need to connect with the right type of location, a venue that had the special, ‘soul-of-Ibiza’ energy as well as the right layout and facilities.

Our team knew they needed spacious bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms and multiple indoor and outdoor yoga, meditation and workshop spaces so that they could offer an all-year round opportunity for both their own retreats and for teachers and group leaders from around the world to bring their own groups here. During the search we helped Larah and Susie become increasingly specific in their brief, realising that they were seeking gardens and private chill-out areas to provide hammocks and plenty of intimate corners for all their guests to have the head and heart space they needed to revitalise.

The size of the property they were looking for would have required a significant boost from investors and so, as an easier co-creation, we understood their vision and knew that they were seeking a soulful atmosphere with an owner/investor who also believed in the value of their project. We therefore connected them with the new owner of a stunning Finca, Can Balafi de Baix.    

Feeling a positive connection Larah, Susie and the owner agreed on a collaboration. They carried out the reformations needed to turn the venue into a truly spectacular and luxurious retreat home, with Ibiza Retreats to complete all the elements that make it unique as a retreat, creating a stunning yoga and meditation garden, multiple treatment spaces and “peace zones” and as client testimonials agree, it is a match made in heaven.

Now fully booked for the whole year, Larah and Susie renamed the property “Casa Lakshmi Luz”, after the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity (which begins with wellbeing). The home of wellness, light and love also serves as an art gallery for local artists and photographers and it’s white rendered walls hug the many layers of fruit and cactus gardens, with pools surrounded by pockets of lawn.

The original Finca is over 200 years old; artfully extended with Moroccan pool terraces and Balinese chill-out areas, an ample professional kitchen and indoor and outdoor eating spaces. Bougainville, Jasmine and other local Ibiza vines soften the walls where white curtains now flow from the columns. Splashes of purple and magenta from hammocks mirror the flowers and the overall sensation of well-being, as their guests have said: “Like a warm and welcoming bath, with just the right essential oils to help you relax and refined your inner-smile”.

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