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Preparing for Brexit: do you have the right documentation?

Brexit 2

Preparing for Brexit: do you have the right documentation?

What can British citizens in Ibiza do in preparation for Brexit? After the approval of the EU 27 in Brussels, and many months of debate, the UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 29 March 2019. As the deadline for the final accord is approaching, and Brexit negotiations enter their final phase, Brussels puts pressure on Spain and the UK to reach a Brexit deal on Gibraltar.

For a moment we feared that the Anglo-Spanish relationship might be affected, despite strong links between the two countries. Just keep in mind that over 240,000 Brits are registered as living in Spain, many more own a second house in Spain and millions visit each year as tourists.

It is therefore in the best interest of both countries to ensure that this relationship continues to flourish, and we are confident that the existing treaties between Spain and the UK, and the new ones with the EU, will ensure the protection of those Britons living legally in Ibiza, and more generally in the whole of Spain.

Right now there’s still a moment of uncertainty, waiting to see how the UK Parliament will react to the EU deal, and if any changes are proposed, how the EU Partners will respond. The latest news is that the British Government has delayed asking Parliament to vote on the deal out of fear of a heavy defeat.

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The golden rule is that UK residents in Spain should ensure that before the close of the year 2018 they have their Spanish home in order. The new situation, whatever the transitional period turns out to be, will almost certainly require anyone wanting to stay to have all the right documentation in place.

These are the essential documents:

Registration with the UK Consulate
EU Social Security (blue) card
Spanish NIE number
Spanish driving license and car registered with the town council
Spanish council tax and electoral roll registration
Taxes and insurances in order
And even if not planning to die anytime soon, having an updated will.

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