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Our new Ibiza real estate office recently opened in San Juan

San Juan Village

Our new Ibiza real estate office recently opened in San Juan

One of the traditional villages of the North, San Juan is host to a great amount of real estate investment properties, many of which come to the sales market as owners decide for a life change. A beautiful blend of people from the island and a mixed international crowd makes the little village a bubbling meeting place. As a branch of our main office in Santa Eulalia, Gould Heinz & Lang in San Juan offers the same exclusive properties for sale in Ibiza in its new and alternative surrounding.

We love to be in the heart of one of the most celebrated areas of the island, both for its unique alternative spirit and for the gorgeous nature that surrounds it, mind rattling beauty in the form of open fields with grazing sheep, stunning beaches with crystal clear water, and a very liberal and artistic feel all around.
San Juan is the part of Ibiza with the greatest building protection laws, meaning that building is and will continue to be very restricted, which guarantees the very praised privacy around the few gorgeous properties already in place and also limits the amount of new projects that may be allowed building, according to area segregation and plot size.

In GHL we often cater to families looking to enjoy a beautiful holiday home in a natural setting, a contrast to the cities where they work, and people from all walks of life looking to make the most of their time in this spectacular place.
There in the centre of the village, GHL has opened a small sister office, offering out well-loved real estate service, opening by appointment. Please feel free to drop in and get to know our new office or call us to schedule a meeting in San Juan or in Santa Eulalia.

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This is what we might call a 21st century version of the printed catalogue that we can find in any real-estate. The idea behind is the deeply-rooted eco thinking of Gould, Heinz & Lang. We are keen on reducing footprint and thus invest in alternative options and embrace the digital world!

The App features our client’s luxury villas and is available from all of the various App stores, in all formats and is downloadable free from all platforms and for any device.


Both our offices are located right in the heart of the island, in Santa Eulalia and San Juan. Our prime locations provide easy access to all our customers. We are always happy about your visit and we would like to introduce you to our portfolio.


GOULD HEINZ & LANG – Paseo s’Alamera 11
07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, Spain
+34 971 339 305



GOULD HEINZ & LANG – Plaza Major
Sant Juan, Ibiza, Spain

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