Let’s Talk About Villas with Pools – Salt Water or Chlorine?

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Let’s Talk About Villas with Pools – Salt Water or Chlorine?

Let’s Talk About Villas with Pools – Salt Water or Chlorine?

We know that summer in Ibiza can get pretty hot! This is why a beautiful villa with a pool is exactly what you need to beat the heat. You might find yourself now wondering what type of swimming pool you should go for…  So to make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up the top advantages and disadvantages for the 2 most popular types of pools – Salt Water vs. Chlorine.


Let’s start by stating that despite the name, salt water swimming pools aren’t anywhere near as salty as the sea! Strictly speaking, salt water pools are not chlorine free – Rather, these systems create their own chlorine using salt which in simple terms mean that you don’t have to add chlorine directly to the water.

These are the main advantages of the type of pools:

  • Gentle on Eyes and Skin. With a low level of chlorine, salty pools are better for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Safer Than Chlorine. In tablet or liquid form, chlorine can be dangerous. As you will not need to add chlorine directly to the water, there is no need to store this unsafe chemical in your house.
  • Less Maintenance. Pool maintenance is more “hands-off” with a salt water system, as the salt cell simply produces chlorine as needed. Bear in mind that you still have to monitor chlorine levels periodically to make sure everything is working okay.

The disadvantages of these types of pools are:

  • Initially More Expensive. Salt water pools can required a bigger investment to set up, because you need to purchase a salt water generator. Of course, with the money you’re saving on chemicals and less maintenance, the system could pay for itself in a few short years.
  • More Complex. If you have a sanitation problem with a typical swimming pool, the answer is often to add more chlorine (or some other chemical). With salt water systems, any problems that crop up are more likely to require the help of an experienced technician.
  • Salt Damage. Since salt can cause damage to certain materials, you may have to avoid using specific types of items. And make sure to protect your garden and flowers from the salty waters.


Chlorine pools have been commonly used for a very long time. Let’s have a look at their main benefits:

  • Highly Effective. The reason why chlorine has been the top method of pool cleaning for so many years is because it is extremely effective at preventing algae and bacteria growth.
  • Cheaper to Install. Chlorine pools are much cheaper at the onset than saltwater pools.
  • Easy System. Chlorine pools are more common than salt water pools, so the materials and chemicals you need to maintain your pool are always easy to find at many pool stores.

The disadvantages of these types of pools are:

  • Higher Maintenance. Chlorine requires constant maintenance. A chlorine system needs to be closely monitored and tested to ensure that the levels of chlorine stay balanced.
  • Hard On Skin. It’s well known now that wrong level of chlorine, can cause skin problems.

While you are deciding on your pool type, browse our selection of beautiful villas with pool here.

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