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Ibiza’s Architectural Landmarks

Ibiza Cathedral

Ibiza’s Architectural Landmarks

The first thing that catches your attention when you set eyes on Ibiza is the whitewashed houses and churches, but take a walk through Ibiza town and you will discover some other examples of Ibiza architecture, fusing different cultures and styles.

Here we’ve rounded up some eclectic yet iconic Ibiza’s architectural landmarks.


Positioned on top of the hill in Ibiza Old Town, the cathedral offers fantastic views over the sea. The church was established by the Christian conquerors in 1234. Over the year, the building has been adapted and restructured with its most extensive works completed in 1782, when the church embodied the functions of a cathedral. Inside you will find many works of art including two Gothic panels, of Saint Tecla and Saint Anthony, painted by Francesc Cornes from the 14th century.


Located on the shores of Ibiza Town (Sa Penya neighbourhood), Casa Broner is a key piece of modern architecture in Ibiza. It was formerly the private home and studio of German architect Erwin Broner, who designed numerous houses around the island leaving a lasting mark on the Ibizan landscape. The house was donated to the town in 2005 by his widow, Gisela Broner and it was opened to the public as a museum, showcasing some of the works of Broner.

Ibiza Market


The neo-classical structure and the pink-and-white façade of the building evoke another era. Built in 1898 this was the first theatre in Ibiza. Over the years, it became a cinema and maintained this activity until 1987. A year later, a Dutch couple, the musician Eric-Jan Harmsen and his wife Kees, reopened the Teatro Pereyra as a venue for jazz concerts. The venue is now a local’s favourite spot to listen to good music and stand-up comedy.


This is Ibiza’s oldest market, first celebrated in 1872. Located just outside the drawbridge of Dalt Vila, the market has a unique neoclassical design – resembling an ancient Greek temple. Every morning the market is packed with vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables and second-hand items.


Hotel Montesol is a true symbol of the past with its colonial style. Not only it’s the first hotel that was established on Ibiza (back in 1933), but it was used by the army as a base during the Spanish Civil War and WWII. Built in 1932 by the Ibizan architect Juan Gómez Ripoll who emigrated to Cuba and once returned to his homeland he brought the lively Caribbean style with him. The hotel is now listed as a building of cultural interest in Spain and has become an icon of style.

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