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How to save water in your Ibiza property

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How to save water in your Ibiza property

The island has experienced many years of below-average rainfall, meaning water reserves are low and supply is stretched. The busy summer season with its influx of tourists brings even more pressure. You might wonder, “What difference can one person make?” But if we all make “one person” worth of difference it adds up!

Using water wisely is one of the best things you can do for the island and as an Ibiza property owner, there are many ways in which we can save water on a daily basis.


We rely on water for a wide variety of uses around the house every day. The simplest way to save water on a daily basis is to turn off the tap while brushing our teeth or while we soap and shampoo in the shower.

If you want to go one step further, as a homeowner in Ibiza, you can invest in water saving low-flow shower heads. Or buy a simple flow restrictor, fit it to your existing shower head, and start saving water. You can also fit all your taps with aerators. These create multiple mini-streams instead of one steady stream. This cuts down on the overall volume of water used and it reduces splashing.

In the kitchen there are as well some actions you can undertake to save water: only run the dishwasher when it’s full, clean fruits and vegetables in a bowl of water instead of under running water. When you’re done, tip the water into your nearest house plant!

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It can take an enormous amount of water to maintain a garden and a swimming pool. In fact, nearly 60% of a person’s household water footprint can go toward garden maintenance! But here as well there are some actions you can undertake to save water.

One of the easiest ways to save money on water is the rain. Use a barrel to catch rainwater which you can then use for the garden. Another trick is to water your garden early in the morning when temperatures are cooler, or after sunset. This will reduce evaporation from sun and wind.

Do your part to reduce and control water losses by covering your swimming pool. More than half the water in your pool can possibly evaporate in one year! Using a cover regularly reduces evaporation by 90 to 95%. It’s also a good idea to keep a lower water level in the pool, this will help reduce water loss from extreme splashing and boisterous water play.

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