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How to: plan your holiday viewing trip to Ibiza

Property Viewing 1

How to: plan your holiday viewing trip to Ibiza

Trying to find the perfect property to buy in Ibiza requires a little bit of planning. Firstly, you can use our previous blog about choosing the right location on the island. Once you’ve understand which part of the island you would like to live, you can make a shortlist of places you’d like to visit, then the next step is to plan a viewing trip.

For some, using a checklist of criteria is most helpful, while for others following their gut instinct is a priority. Knowing which type you are will help you allocate your time. Either way, a bit of forethought on what you want to get out of the trip will help you make the most of it. Here are some springboard ideas to start you off:

Make a list

What’s really important to you in your new home? Put that list down on paper, make sure to highlight on your list what is non-negotiable and which points instead might be open for compromise. On the day, cross-reference what you see with your list, this will help you have a clearer vision.

Property Viewing 2

Book appointments in advance

Start by searching properties on our website. Once you’ve found the ones you would like to visit, book an appointment with us. You can either fill in the form on our website, or send us an email to

Consider the area & facilities

As mentioned above there is a big difference between living in Ibiza Town, or in the quiet north. So make sure you pick the area carefully. Consider the type of lifestyle you would like to have on the island. If you want to know more about each area, check out “Ibiza’s charming neighbourhoods”. If you have kids, you might want to consider the commuter distance to schools. Bear in mind that public transport on the island is not that great, especially off season where many bus routes are cut off or have reduced hours

Value of the property

Do you want it to have resale value? Rental value? Do you want land to develop or a renovation project? And what about values beyond the purely economic? Would you prefer a traditional Ibizan finca or a brand new villa? Some properties are also available to purchase off-plan; is this something you’d consider or do you want the security of seeing the bricks and mortar before you buy?

For more detailed information on the buying process in Ibiza, click here.

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