Home valuation with GHL: everything you need to know.

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Home valuation with GHL: everything you need to know.

Home valuation with GHL: everything you need to know.
So, you are thinking to sell your house but before placing your property on the market there is an essential step you must take to increase the likelihood that your transaction will end in a good way – a home evaluation.

But what exactly is a home valuation and why is so important?

In order to clear up your doubts, let’s have a look at the steps involved in the evaluation process, the benefits & how GHL can help you.

What is a property valuation?
A property valuation is a set of prices given to an owner of a property based on current market data. In simple terms, a property valuation should be carried out to give you an accurate idea of the worth of your home.

What are the steps involved in the valuation process?
Once you decide to sell your house, one member of the GHL team will come over to have a look around and assess the property from a saleability point of view. During the visit he will take photos which will then be shared with the whole team at a weekly meeting in order to attain an agreed valuation.

What are the factors that can influence the value of a property?
We will look at a number of things to determine the value, including the home’s condition, living space and neighbourhood. One of the biggest factors in Ibiza is usually having a sea view or at least being in the vicinity to the sea. The size and style of the property can also make a difference, as well as the size of the plot of land in which the property is built on. This can allow for more privacy which is often a prerequisite for certain buyers. Added value can also come in the form of having your own water supply, underfloor heating, whether furniture is included or the presence of additional space for further extensions.

What are the benefits for you?
Apart from keeping your insurance policy up to date, a valuation will give you peace of mind in so far as how healthy your initial investment was made.

What are the advantages for the buyer?
In the instance of being the buyer, the home valuation is usually carried out by the bank providing the loan, but in the instance that a buyer wishes a valuation from one of the team at GHL then this can be a helpful guideline to make sure that the asking price is not higher than the value of the property.
Why do it with GHL?
Our team have a wealth of experience based on all of us being involved in the Ibiza real estate business for more than 13 years. We offer a very professional service, providing our clients with a free evaluation of their villas to find out the real market value of it. In other words – we’ll get the you the best price!

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