First Steps to Owning Your Ibiza Dream

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First Steps to Owning Your Ibiza Dream

First Steps to Owning Your Ibiza Dream

Any great artist, an army general or mother will tell you success lies in preparation.

The same can definitely be said for buying a house in Ibiza. Foreign buyers will have some idea of how these things work but one must compensate for the peculiar and charming vagaries of the Spanish system.

After all, Thomas Edison reminds us that “Good fortune often happen when opportunity meets with preparation.”

The GHL crew have both those elements pulsing through their veins and are there to guide clients through the deluge of intricate paper work involved in buying a home in Ibiza.

Being prepared to move quickly in the tightest market Ibiza has seen in decades will make all the difference. To get your boy scout hat on here are some preliminary steps that your GHL agent will help you figure out.

Register with GHL

Registering exclusively with one agent saves time and money. Finding a trusted person and forming a relationship will cut out the legwork.

An exclusive agent will happily and enthusiastically scour the market with your brief in the forefront of their mind.

Exclusivity permits the agent to use their extensive networks of colleagues for controlled collaborations without stepping on anyone’s toes.


The very first step to take – even before going to a viewing – is to apply for your NIE or número identidad extranjero. This seven-digit number followed by a letter indicates that you have economic, professional or social connections to Spain. It is required for almost everything from buying a house to collecting your Amazon order.

Engage a gestoria

There is no exact translation for the word gestoria. It loosely covers anything of an administrative nature from taxes, to payroll, to contracts and so on.

To a foreign mind the gestoria may seem like a clunky behemoth of an organisation that appears to run to the beat of it’s own drum but without one almost everything is impossible.

Lets just call them fixers and leave it at that.

Engage a lawyer

GHL has a list of people they collaborate with regularly that have been vetted over decades. Spanish property and contract law can be tricky and it definitely pays to go with a trustworthy recommendation.

Open a bank account

It seems like such an obvious thing but it can be easily overlooked. If you’re intending on getting a mortgage it’s important to form those relationships early on and when it comes to paying taxes and fees a local bank account it essential.

Start dreaming

Prepared and ready to find your dream Ibiza property – go forth and conquer!

Or simply contact us and will help you find your dream property..

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