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Fireplaces to keep you warm this winter in Ibiza


Fireplaces to keep you warm this winter in Ibiza

Winter in Ibiza can be cold if you live in a house without central heating and as we know, central heating in Ibiza is not common. For this reason having a fireplace is a little slice of heaven! In a previous blog we looked at the alternatives you have in Ibiza to keep you warm in winter, but today we want to focus on modern and minimalist fireplaces, because there is nothing better when the sun sets behind the horizon, than getting under a cozy throw and sinking into the sofa in front on the fire.

If you’re looking for a fireplace that will meld with your design vision, rest easy. There is a wide range of options available on the market, whether you want a feature that completely defines your living space, or maybe you want something that will blend nicely with the other elements in the room.

White minimal fireplaces

Combine perfectly with elegant design. In an all-white living space, a simple, white fireplace is all you need. Or you can mix and match with materials on the wall so the white fireplace will just take a comfortable back seat compared to the other decorative elements.


Dark minimal fireplaces

A dark fireplace fits perfectly with warm tones. Combine it with stone walls for an elegant, cosy effect. If you have a dark wall and you add a dark fireplace, the overall effect will be very dramatic. You can light up the space with plenty of natural light and vibrant colours.

Glass enclosed fireplaces

Unobstructed sides are a major trend in glass fireplaces and for a good reason, they help the design feel light and give you better access to your cozy fire. If you have a wall dividing two spaces, for example living and dining room a glass fireplace on either side will serve as a way to connect the two spaces naturally.

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