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Exclusive sales as Lead Agency

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Exclusive sales as Lead Agency

You are thinking about selling your house. Perhaps your family is growing and you are looking for a bigger property, or maybe the kids have moved out and you’re thinking about down-sizing. Either way, you are wondering if you should start listing your property with several agencies in order to cover the whole market, or sell via an exclusive listing.

To make things easier, let us start by saying that the benefits of listing your home exclusively with one agent are enormous – especially in Ibiza, where they are required innovative methods to satisfy a very specific marketplace.

Here at Gould Heinz & Lang we offer our clients an exclusive sales mandate as the lead agency. Depending on the type of property, we will offer it to a network of selected agencies, with whom we have successfully worked with in the past. Now we will break down the process into five points, making it easier to understand how the property market in Ibiza works and how best to take advantage of it’s peculiarities via exclusivity.

Money Houses


It’s a major error to think that listing your property with several agencies will easily help you find a buyer quicker. When you list your property on several real estate websites, your property will pop up consistently during the online search of potential buyers. The more they see it around, the more likely they are to start thinking that something might be wrong with the property or that the seller is desperate, which inevitably leads to a flow of offers that are underestimates – that wastes everybody’s time and lowers the value of the property.


One important benefit of exclusive sales is the ability to use tailor-made marketing strategies, appropriate to the type of property. This means, access the right people and avoiding the time wasters. An agent with exclusivity focuses the marketing budget wisely, picking the right resources to sell – whether via flyers, books, videos and/or quality publications.

Communication and Accountability

You will be in contact with only one person, your GHL partner. This will help with developing clear communication, eliminate confusion and misinformation. It generates a closer and more thorough relationship as both are willing to reach the same goal for the property sale. In fact, listing with a only one agent makes that agent accountable for selling your property in the right way and at the right price.

Marketting 1


Making sure all the paperwork is in order is not the only area where quality control is important. Having an exclusive listing brings more prestige to the property and the quality applies to the buyers too. In fact there will be a pre-selection of clients and organisation of viewings by us. There will be no unauthorised information, viewings nor price negotiations by third parties.

Controlled Collaborations

Some properties benefit from a lead agency inviting others to participate in discreet marketing to reach a wider audience. Here at GHL we already have agreements with like-minded agencies that best represent our philosophy, quality and commitment to excellence. These associated agencies work solely upon the terms and conditions of GHL to close the sale the property.

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