Top 3 Reasons to Love Christmas in Ibiza

Top 3 Reasons to Love Christmas in Ibiza

Not many people would clock Ibiza as a hub of home wares, but the truth is the island is dotted with many hidden and not so hidden gems where you can really hone your Ibiza style.

Try out some of these local faves to add that unique Ibiza vibe to your new home.  

Co Coq – This massive warehouse feels a lot like a museum except everything is for sale. More than 40 designers have their own section to display goods ranging from four-poster beds to throws, cushions, ceramics and everything in between.  

Es Cucons Tucked into a little corner of Santa Gertrudis Es Cucons is an Aladdin’s cave of chic home wares. This is where you’ll find beautiful tableware, kitchen linens and dining room accessories plus out the back there’s kids section and a beautifully curated selection of clothing.  

Sluiz – Think airplane hanger crossed with the inside of Salvador Dali’s mind. Chock full of things both useful and whimsical. Pick up candles, furniture, tableware and things you didn’t even know you needed. Sartorial tastes are well catered for in the perfectly calibrated selection of clothing and tea in the cafe is a must.  

Ibiza Troc – Not for the faint hearted Ibiza Troc feels like you might die in an avalanche of antiques and bric-a-brac. But this is where the hard-core hunters go to find that special one off piece even if it means digging for it.  

Tanis – The good folk at Tanis are expert upholsterers and have a gorgeous selection of hard-to-find fabrics from all over the world.

As professional interior designers the store is heavily curated and includes one off antique pieces from Africa, outdoor furniture, decorative objects and the most comfortable dog beds in the world.

Moonk and Figus – Their interior pieces are divine and feature designers from all over the world. But Moonk and Figus really come into their own with their selection of designer outdoor furnishings.  

La Galeria Elefante – This labyrinthine store is a stalwart in the Ibiza design scene. A global and eclectic selection covers all areas including soft furnishings, rugs and quirky decorative pieces.        


First Steps to Owning Your Ibiza Dream

This is the dream. An immaculate 6 bedroom villa encapsulating island living inside and out.

Luxurious, cosy and suited to all year round living this gem of a home is perfectly located near Ibiza’s best beaches, schools, village life and just a hop skip and a jump to all the glamour of Ibiza.

The Property

Set over 19.000 square meters of landscape gardens this 6-bedroom home has 405 square meters of living space.

Beautifully designed in the traditional architectural style of the island the house featuring many classic Ibiza motifs and up-to-date mod cons.

Contemporary design elements and state-of-the-art fixtures complement classic porches and traditional whitewashed walls.


Spacious double sized living rooms feature wood French doors leading onto the patio, lawn and pool where the glittering Mediterranean Sea sparkles in the distance.

An enormous fireplace dominates one wall of the living room for cosy winter evenings curled up on the sofa and under floor heating makes this home perfect for year round living.

Two twin bedrooms and four doubles are light filled and beautiful decorated in a simple, rustic style.

A brand new poured concrete galley kitchen is kitted out with top quality appliances including a double oven making entertaining a cinch.


The living room opens to a covered patio that doubles as an outdoor lounge complete with plush sofas and loads of space. Adjacent to the house is a shaded chill out and outdoor dining area that seats 12 and also boast a barbecue.

The 18 meter square pristine swimming pool is perfect for laps or frolicking and looks out across the glittering Med. A full size clay tennis court will get you match ready.

The gardens are immaculately landscape with natives and contain mature fruit trees and an established veggie patch plus a pétanque pitch. Kids will be chuffed at the tree house and play area.

The location

The villa is situated just minutes from the iconic Aguas Blancas beach with its soft golden sand and turquoise waters. A short drive will take you to the quaint village of San Carlos where boutiques, cafes and restaurants serve an all year round community. Here you’ll find the Anita’s Bar where locals have been gathering for centuries.

San Carlos is also home to what is arguably the island’s best ice-cream and pizza.

Near by Cala Mastella is a cute bay and host to El Bigotes restaurant while Playa Figueral is in the other direction offering a vast sandy beach and gentle waters.

Find out more about Villa Aquas Blancas here

Five Top Beaches of Ibiza’s North

If you are dreaming about moving to Ibiza but can’t bear the idea of living your furry friends behind, here’s the good news: there is no problem to bring your pets on the island, but there are few rules and regulations that you will need to follow in order to get your pet into Ibiza and Spain in general.


1. Make sure that your pet has an ISO Microchip inserted.
This is required by Spanish law for your pet to enter the country – your local vet should be able to arrange this for you.

2. Ensure that your pet is up to date with the vaccinations.
The Spanish law requires proof of vaccination before letting your pet move in, so make sure you’re up to date and have the documentation. If you are travelling from a low incidents of rabies country – you will be allowed to bring your furry-friend to Spain if it has been vaccinated at least 21 days prior to travel. Your vet in your country of origin should be able to advise you on this.

3. Request a EU Pet Passport
If you are travelling from an EU country with your pet – you are required by law to have a pet passport for them – this includes a descriptions of the animal, dates of birth, breed, gender and colour, microchip info, vaccinations dates and details of your previous vet as well as your personal information.


4. By plane
The only airline that currently flies into Ibiza on which you can bring your pet is Vueling. Each airline is different, some insist that your pet travel in the hold in a sturdy case – while Vueling will allow your pet to travel in the cabin with you in a non-rigid carrier. The company has several rules about travelling with your pet – you can find out more here.

5. By ferry
Balearia Ferries also allow you to travel with your pet, but you must use their own pet cages and they reserve the right to refuse entry to your and your pet if there is not enough availability during that journey. Find out more about their rules and regulations here.


Whether you will arrive by plane or ferry expect your pet’s paperwork to be checked upon arrival. Once you’ll be in your new home, it’s time to enjoy being in Ibiza with your special one.

Know The Law – Buying To Rent In Ibiza

You’re unlikely to impulse buy a house – after all you can’t take it back to the store when you realise you don’t like it.

Sure, there are those who have the means and guts of steel to walk into a property and lay down a wad of cash but for most of us the final step comes after months or years of preparation – both financial and emotional.

The team at Ibiza based Gould Lang Heinz Property Consultants understand the ups and downs of home ownership and have developed an unique way to guide buyers and sellers through the process.

For buyers moving from other countries the process of finding that perfect property can be mixed up with a whole lot of other concerns. When engaging GHL the first step is to have a chat.

Over their many years of experience on the island the team has found ways of getting to the core of a client’s needs. GHL is not interested in just selling houses; they are interested in building relationships.

With the seemingly complicated paperwork issues in Spain it’s an essential part of the process.

It seems simple on the surface yet it’s the one thing that so many agencies just don’t get. “Really, you just have to stop talking,” explains GHL co-founder Phil Gould. “We’re not sales people, we’re people people. The key is to shut up and listen.”

Not just listening to the words, but also watching the way a client interacts with a property is what makes the team at GHL shift houses in less than five viewings.

“Normally, it will take from 8 to 14 viewings for a house to sell,” says Rene Heinz. “We get to know our clients in advance so that no one is wasting their time.”

A study conducted by psychology professor Elizabeth Dunn from the University of British Columbia looked at the concept of expectation in relation to reality.

The researchers found that those who focussed on the physical attributes of a property such as size and status instead of the social aspects of being in proximity to the community ended up feeling less happy with their choices.

“We know this island well. Some people are well suited to the tranquillity of the countryside where others need to be more connected,” says Roman.

“We get to know people and we can advise them on what to expect from certain locations.”

“It starts with questions and then we listen,” explains Roman Lang. “We ask about our client’s vision for their future. How they see their lives here. From there we are able to narrow down location and architectural styles.”

Having a clear idea of what lifestyle clients envisage means that the team can also think outside the box while their intimate knowledge of the island allows them to make suggestions that may not occur to everyone.

“If they want a holiday house they can eventually retire to then there are things they need to watch out for,” says Rene.

“If they’re planning on starting a family then they need to consider proximity to services. These are all things we get to know from that initial contact and the on going relationship.”

Over the years of working as property agents the GHL team has honed their intuitive skills in order to better serve their clients.

Sitting down with Phil, Rene and Roman is very much like meeting new friends. There is an intimacy that is missing from other agencies. “It’s our names on the door,” says Phil. “We are completely invested in our reputation which is only achievable through the satisfaction of our clients.”

And like all good relationships, it all starts with a chat.

4 tips to choose a school abroad

Choosing the right school for your kids is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make as a parent when you relocate to Ibiza. So much depends on individuality – each child is different; each family differs in their requirements which makes choosing a school a very personal decision!

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve come up with 4 very basic ideas that you should consider:

Think ahead

Are you planning to stay permanently in Ibiza or Spain? If you will be moving elsewhere in the future, consider selecting a school that will provide a continuity of education. For example, if you will be returning to your home country it makes sense to choose a school running a curriculum that ties in with your home country’s system.

If you are moving permanently, a local school may be the best option for your children. This is especially important if they need to learn a new language, as full immersion seems the best way to achieve this.

Research first

The obvious place to start is the internet, look at the websites of the schools but also join some Facebook groups or forums of Ibiza residents to ask some advice. The school websites naturally place an incredibly positive spin on their school, so it’s good to ask a third opinion to balance the information.

Consider the age of your children

Young children are more adaptable and flexible than older children who have already settled into a particular school system. Some children adapt very well to moving between the different curricula but some do not. This can be very hard to judge until it’s too late, so it may be in their interest to continue with what they are used to, even if the school itself doesn’t appeal to you.

If you have more than one child, it will, of course, be easier to get them into the same school. However, that isn’t always possible, so this is something else to take into account when making your decision.


Does the school day fit in with your lifestyle? In Ibiza the school day finishes at 2pm. If you will be working until late, this may cause difficulties.

How far away from you home is the school? How will the school run work? Remember that in Ibiza public transport is not so well organised, especially in winter, where there are fewer buses available. You may struggle to do the school run on public transport – so chances are that you will have to bring the kids and pick them up every day. Consider the location of the school carefully.

To get an idea about the type of school options available on the island read this: Education in Ibiza.