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4 closing mistakes to avoid when buying a property in Ibiza

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4 closing mistakes to avoid when buying a property in Ibiza

Congratulations, you are just one step away from buying your dream home in Ibiza! But while you can now breathe a sigh of relief, just remember that there’s no deal done until everyone signs the dotted line.

Make sure to check these useful tips to avoid the most popular closing mistakes when buying a home in Ibiza.

Don’t forget about the added costs.

When you buy a house in Ibiza, it isn’t just a matter of paying the selling price and then the mortgage payment. There are also maintenance costs, utilities (which will likely cost more) and property taxes that you should take into consideration. In a previous post, we look at the real cost related to buying a property in Ibiza.

Your debt to income ratio matters.

The balance between your monthly income and monthly debts is one of the main factors that your lender will take into consideration when qualifying you. Your lender will probably run your financials two or three more times before closing. While it’s tempting, don’t take out any other big loan until after closing. Keep in mind that the bank looks at lease payments like any other debt payment which may affect your position negatively!

Don’t change your job.

Stability is key if you want to get a mortgage. Switching jobs right before closing can make your lender anxious, and you want to give them every reason to feel confident. Most lenders prefer to have a two-year job history in hand, so making a big career move could slow things down, or squash the deal entirely.

Don’t be late.

Even if you are going through a tough time and life’s hectic, make sure to keep up with your payments. Late payments can affect that all-important credit score and affect negatively your position.

Wondering what else is involved in the final stretches of a home purchase? GHL is happy to answer all your questions. Get in contact now.

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