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Profile Text – Landing page

Profile Text – Landing page

Gould Heinz & Lang property consultants, is an owner-run, estate agency, working for a selected and limited amount of clients from many different countries. Our intention is that each new client is exclusively served by one of the partners, which guarantees that you will experience exceptional service and personalized care. GHL specializes in the sale and rental of luxury properties, finca-estates, exclusive building projects, premium building plots, and off-market properties.
Beside Ibiza properties we can also offer business opportunities, such as both rustic and seafront hotels either ready to operate or to reform, plots for touristic usage and properties for use as bed and breakfast type set ups. Additionally, we can offer properties on the Spanish mainland for investors and property investment funds, which have become again highly interesting. Thanks to our excellent contacts and extensive professional networks, we are able to help acquire the right types of properties for our clients.

GHL property consultant is your specialised luxury real estate Ibiza. We offer property for sale Ibiza with high standard and exceptional quality of assistance in all areas of the process. We’ve been working in the property market for a very long time – boasting nearly 30 years experience in between us, in this competitive sector. We gained a deep knowledge of the Ibiza property market, we know the dos, the don’ts, the ins, the outs, the where-tos and the how-tos of buying a property here in Ibiza.

The property market in Ibiza is hot, there is a very wide range of properties for sale. We are here to help you scout the very best, realistic house to match your requirements and dreams. Whether you are looking for a luxury property as new family home, an holiday house, an investment opportunity, a restoration or renovation project. Choices are endless, but putting your trust in GHL means no wasting times, great results and exceptional tailor-made service.

There are no mediators, we personally take care, on a one-to-one base, of our customers throughout the entire process. We aim to offer a transparent, exclusive, highly professional and personal service. But our service doesn’t consist only in looking for an property for sale, whether a villa for sale, a house for sale or a plot. Our services go above and beyond the purchase of your dream property. Within our extensive range of services we provide project management, legal services, land, ruins and exclusive commercial projects, plus services such as market evaluation, independent consulting and even valuable advice on how is living on Ibiza and also several after sales services.

We want to take this opportunity to point out that our company is neither associated with a network, to another institution nor it is a subsidiary of another estate agency or financial institution. This guarantees to our clients that our service can never be compromised by any other vested interest.


This is what we might call a 21st century version of the printed catalogue that we can find in any real-estate. The idea behind is the deeply-rooted eco thinking of Gould, Heinz & Lang. We are keen on reducing footprint and thus invest in alternative options and embrace the digital world!

The App features our client’s luxury villas and is available from all of the various App stores, in all formats and is downloadable free from all platforms and for any device.


Both our offices are located right in the heart of the island, in Santa Eulalia and San Juan. Our prime locations provide easy access to all our customers. We are always happy about your visit and we would like to introduce you to our portfolio.


GOULD HEINZ & LANG – Paseo s’Alamera 11
07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, Spain
+34 971 339 305



GOULD HEINZ & LANG – Plaza Major
Sant Juan, Ibiza, Spain

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