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Big Events Not To Miss This 2020 in Ibiza

2020 Events Fish

Big Events Not To Miss This 2020 in Ibiza

Ibiza is know all around the world for being the party capital of Europe, but the fun doesn’t all just take place in the famous clubs as the island celebrates also its rich gastronomy, culture and love for outdoor activities every day of the year. While some are religious celebrations, others honour local produce or cultural tradition, and some are quite simply plain mad! Here is our roundup of some of the best events in Ibiza to attend in 2020.

Food Fair

Ibiza is witnessing a food revolution. Many restaurants are leading the way in reinventing traditional Ibicencan cuisine using local, sustainable ingredients making the island a smorgasbord for any food lover. That’s not all, as every year Ibiza hosts numerous food festivals to celebrate the rich culinary tradition and local produce. Some of the unmissable ones are: Ibiza Sabor – held twice a year in Spring and Autumn, Fira des Gerret – a food fair celebrating this typical type of fish from the island, and the Cuttlefish Gastronomy Festival, both held in March.

Sports Events

Off the busy summer season, Ibiza becomes a paradise for anyone keen in outdoor activities. The two main sports events that attract visitors all over the world are: the Ibizan MTB race – one of the most popular mountain bike competitions in Spain, it usually takes place in March. The other popular sport event is the Ibiza Marathon, which this year will take place on the 4th of April.

2020 Events Pride

Music Events

Outside the big clubs, music is still a very important part of the island’s culture and this 2020 there are 2 festivals that you shouldn’t miss. Ibiza Jazz Festival – which every year is hosted inside the beautiful setting of the historic Dalt Villa and “Sueños de Libertad”, which this year celebrates its 5th year as one of Ibiza’s great cultural events with concerts featuring renowned national and international artists from the indie and rock music scene.

Ibiza Gay Pride

Every June, many people take to the streets of Ibiza to celebrate Pride. This year, the festivities will take place from 10th to 13th June and, in typical Ibiza style, promise to be one big, inclusive, colourful party celebrating the LGBTQ+ spectrum loudly and proudly. For more information visit their webpage.

Ibiza Medieval

For a few days in May, Dalt Vila and La Marina, the two oldest quarters in the town of Ibiza, are transformed into a medieval marketplace featuring merchants, nobles, dancers and minstrels. This is a grand festival with which the Ibiza Town Council celebrates the declaration of its old town Dalt Vila and the village of sa Caleta, among other places, as World Heritage Sites in 1999.

If you want to know more about all the events taking place this year in Ibiza, download the calendar of cultural events 2020 by clicking here.

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