Home valuation with GHL: everything you need to know.

Home valuation with GHL: everything you need to know.

Ibiza enjoys an amazing 360 days of sunshine a year, making it one of the most pleasant places in Europe to live. And while, in late September, the rest of Europe is already going towards the autumn mood, here on the island we are still enjoying beautiful warmer days – it’s all about enjoying the outdoors for as long and as much as possible.

On a sunny day, there is nothing better than dining alfresco with friends and family, get the last dose of sunshine before the winter weather comes looming and outdoor dining time is over. Mediterranean-style gardens are the best type for entertaining. Here we’ve rounded up what you should incorporate in your garden to achieve that laid-back Mediterranean feel:

Create a sensory seating area

Seating tends to be informal in Mediterranean gardens. Sometimes even rocks and wooden pieces work in large spaces. Growing herbs near the seating area is a good option if you want to infuse the area with a delicate aroma – plus they are also handy to have for the barbecue! Rosemary, thyme, lavender, bay laurel and sage are all herbs that do very well in the Ibiza climate.

Lengthen your days with light and shade

Many beautiful gardens in Ibiza come with big trees like Sabina, Carob and Olive which are perfect sun protectors as with their dense foliage don’t let the rays shine through. If you don’t have natural shade, make sure to create one – is the ideal solution to escape from those hot sunny days!

Lighting plays also a big part in a Mediterranean garden because you’ll spend a lot of time outside and probably eat very late. Put in place a simple lighting scheme – or place lanterns around.They add an enchanting atmosphere and make your days become longer.

Don’t forget cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents are often a feature of Mediterranean gardens. They are great because they do not require a lot of maintenance and are easy to grow, which is true of succulents in particular! Plant them in all the little cracks in your stone and rockwork and they will run riot. A strip of them placed in the gravel gap between your paving and house will soften lines.

Browse our selection of beautiful Ibiza properties with garden, to find the garden of your dreams.

Ibiza most popular Interior Design Styles

In the last few years the island has become a perfect destination for families and couples looking for a healthy and natural life. If you are thinking of moving to the island because you want to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere, disconnect form a hectic life, then we invite you to discover how you can live a healthier and happier life in Ibiza.


Ibiza boasts many beautiful farm to fork restaurants, healthy cafes and organic shops. Not to mention that if you are vegetarian or vegan, finding good options to dine out are easier than ever. Thanks to the islands bohemian roots there is a buzzing culture of alternative and sustainable living.

Wild Beets – Raw, vegan and plant based cuisine in the heart of the pretty village of Santa Gertrudis. This little restaurant-cafe is a local´s favourite all year round with their mouthwatering raw food dishes.

Passion Cafe – From nutritious breakfasts to healthy lunches, this well established cafe has now spread all over the island – Santa Eulalia, Marina Botafoch, Platja d’en Bossa and Sant Josep. Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and exotic recipes are the star dishes in all the menus of all its restaurants.

La Paloma – The food served here fits perfectly with the rural atmosphere, as the dishes are made from the finest natural and organic seasonal foods, especially since many of it’s produce come straight from their own gardens. Housed in a lovely ‘casa payesa’ near the tiny heart of San Lorenzo village, La Paloma is a wonder to enjoy the Ibizan countryside.

Aubergine – The restaurant sits in the heart of the rural side of Ibiza, between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Miquel, in a beautifully restored farmhouse. They use only fresh ingredients from their very own vegetable garden to create delicious natural & organic vegetarian and vegan delights. Each Sunday they host their own organic market, complete with live music and barbecue.


The yoga scene on the island is buzzing; two of the leading and inspiring, well-being consultants in Ibiza are the ladies from Ibiza Retreats  Sarah and Larah founded Ibiza Retreats in 2008, moved by a call to support people through their life by combining yoga, meditation and treatment programs and therapies catered to each client’s needs. They work with a world-class teachers, healers and holistic therapists to soften & release external pressures, helping people to come back to their centre – after all ‘yoga is the ability to dance with life and not get knocked off your centre’.

Retreat space for Ibiza Retreats

We know that summer in Ibiza can get pretty hot! This is why a beautiful villa with a pool is exactly what you need to beat the heat. You might find yourself now wondering what type of swimming pool you should go for…  So to make your decision easier, we’ve rounded up the top advantages and disadvantages for the 2 most popular types of pools – Salt Water vs. Chlorine.


Let’s start by stating that despite the name, salt water swimming pools aren’t anywhere near as salty as the sea! Strictly speaking, salt water pools are not chlorine free – Rather, these systems create their own chlorine using salt which in simple terms mean that you don’t have to add chlorine directly to the water.

These are the main advantages of the type of pools:

  • Gentle on Eyes and Skin. With a low level of chlorine, salty pools are better for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Safer Than Chlorine. In tablet or liquid form, chlorine can be dangerous. As you will not need to add chlorine directly to the water, there is no need to store this unsafe chemical in your house.
  • Less Maintenance. Pool maintenance is more “hands-off” with a salt water system, as the salt cell simply produces chlorine as needed. Bear in mind that you still have to monitor chlorine levels periodically to make sure everything is working okay.

The disadvantages of these types of pools are:

  • Initially More Expensive. Salt water pools can required a bigger investment to set up, because you need to purchase a salt water generator. Of course, with the money you’re saving on chemicals and less maintenance, the system could pay for itself in a few short years.
  • More Complex. If you have a sanitation problem with a typical swimming pool, the answer is often to add more chlorine (or some other chemical). With salt water systems, any problems that crop up are more likely to require the help of an experienced technician.
  • Salt Damage. Since salt can cause damage to certain materials, you may have to avoid using specific types of items. And make sure to protect your garden and flowers from the salty waters.


Chlorine pools have been commonly used for a very long time. Let’s have a look at their main benefits:

  • Highly Effective. The reason why chlorine has been the top method of pool cleaning for so many years is because it is extremely effective at preventing algae and bacteria growth.
  • Cheaper to Install. Chlorine pools are much cheaper at the onset than saltwater pools.
  • Easy System. Chlorine pools are more common than salt water pools, so the materials and chemicals you need to maintain your pool are always easy to find at many pool stores.

The disadvantages of these types of pools are:

  • Higher Maintenance. Chlorine requires constant maintenance. A chlorine system needs to be closely monitored and tested to ensure that the levels of chlorine stay balanced.
  • Hard On Skin. It’s well known now that wrong level of chlorine, can cause skin problems.

While you are deciding on your pool type, browse our selection of beautiful villas with pool here.

Spanish NIE Numbers: Why You Need One, and How to Get One in Ibiza

You are thinking about selling your house. Perhaps your family is growing and you are looking for a bigger property, or maybe the kids have moved out and you’re thinking about down-sizing. Either way, you are wondering if you should start listing your property with several agencies in order to cover the whole market, or sell via an exclusive listing.

To make things easier, let us start by saying that the benefits of listing your home exclusively with one agent are enormous – especially in Ibiza, where they are required innovative methods to satisfy a very specific marketplace.

Here at Gould Heinz & Lang we offer our clients an exclusive sales mandate as the lead agency. Depending on the type of property, we will offer it to a network of selected agencies, with whom we have successfully worked with in the past. Now we will break down the process into five points, making it easier to understand how the property market in Ibiza works and how best to take advantage of it’s peculiarities via exclusivity.


It’s a major error to think that listing your property with several agencies will easily help you find a buyer quicker. When you list your property on several real estate websites, your property will pop up consistently during the online search of potential buyers. The more they see it around, the more likely they are to start thinking that something might be wrong with the property or that the seller is desperate, which inevitably leads to a flow of offers that are underestimates – that wastes everybody’s time and lowers the value of the property.


One important benefit of exclusive sales is the ability to use tailor-made marketing strategies, appropriate to the type of property. This means, access the right people and avoiding the time wasters. An agent with exclusivity focuses the marketing budget wisely, picking the right resources to sell – whether via flyers, books, videos and/or quality publications.

Communication and Accountability

You will be in contact with only one person, your GHL partner. This will help with developing clear communication, eliminate confusion and misinformation. It generates a closer and more thorough relationship as both are willing to reach the same goal for the property sale. In fact, listing with a only one agent makes that agent accountable for selling your property in the right way and at the right price.


Making sure all the paperwork is in order is not the only area where quality control is important. Having an exclusive listing brings more prestige to the property and the quality applies to the buyers too. In fact there will be a pre-selection of clients and organisation of viewings by us. There will be no unauthorised information, viewings nor price negotiations by third parties.

Controlled Collaborations

Some properties benefit from a lead agency inviting others to participate in discreet marketing to reach a wider audience. Here at GHL we already have agreements with like-minded agencies that best represent our philosophy, quality and commitment to excellence. These associated agencies work solely upon the terms and conditions of GHL to close the sale the property.

Spanish Luxury Property Demand has Increased

We have seen a progressive increase demand of luxury properties on Ibiza, with British investors leading the way in the Ibiza luxury property market. In the next five years, until 2021, the appeal of the White Isle as a luxury brand is set to become a global trend, attracting increasing numbers of buyers from the US, Asia and the Middle East. The luxury real estate market is booming around the island, driven by the opening of new chic restaurants, high-end design shops and 5 star hotels. 2017 sees the opening of the latest addition to Ibiza’s five-star accommodation, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay in Talamanca. All these changes make an impact on Ibiza’s sales market. Prices and demand for luxury homes are growing all over the island, not only in the areas that were normally in high demand or exclusive such as the South west. We are noticing a distinct migration towards the north of the island, among wealthy buyers. As a response to cater to this demand, we have just opened a new office in San Juan. The north of the island is more bohemian, quieter and it usually attracts couples, families or investors who are seeking a more relaxed lifestyle, compared to the buzzing life in the South. Northern Ibiza appeals mainly to creative people looking for inspiration and city workers who need to recharge and relax with their families. Properties in the north range from traditional Ibiza farmhouses to contemporary Mediterranean Ibiza villas with far-reaching sea views. If we are looking at the type of buyers, we can see that due to the continued strength of the pound against the euro since 2015, there has been a strong demand from British buyers – thanks also to increased confidence in Spain as a whole, together with a stability in the British economy. The UK buyers are seeking mainly second homes and lifestyle acquisitions. Other strong buyers come from Netherlands, France and Italy.

Finding the right property in Ibiza can become quite tricky

If you need a mortgage to assist you in buying a property in Ibiza, before even going to the bank, you need to make sure to have all your pay slips and tax declarations in order.

This is a key aspect, as the Spanish bank will need proof of all your earnings from your country of residence. 

There are some advantages with regards to applying for a loan in Ibiza, as in general the Spanish banks are much more willing to lend now than before.

Furthermore, there are lower interest rates and it’s easier to get out of agreements that aren’t working.

Moreover, Spain offers non-resident investors commission-free deals on large international bank transfers and makes organising tax payments much easier.

Mortgages are available through Spanish banks for non-residents for a length between 5 and 25 years. If you are a Spanish resident, then you can get a mortgage for up to 30 years.

Many banks pride themselves on having English speaking staff to help clients throughout the mortgage process, but if this is not the case, your can work directly with us on this and we can assist you with negotiations and any language barrier issues.

The bank will also provide a “Tasador” – a person who will evaluate the property independently and arrange all the necessary insurances.

Generally speaking, the client needs to have a deposit amount of minimum 30 – 40% of the purchase price of the Ibiza property for sale, plus must also have further funds to cover the taxes and expenses involved in the purchase – if you want to know more about costs related to buying a property in Ibiza, in a previous post “the real costs related to buying a property in Ibiza“ we explain step-by-step, the additional costs that you need to take into consideration during the purchasing process.

The rules around mortgage lending have tightened somewhat since the crash in 2008, making it all the more important to ensure that your lawyer has included an exit clause within the purchase contract, so that you can cancel the agreement if the mortgage falls through.

Costs and Taxes Related to Buying a Property in Ibiza

It’s said that you need two things that before you become an owner of a real estate in Ibiza. The first one is a fiscal number, called the NIE number (número de identificación de extranjeros). It’s a unique code for each person that lasts for their whole life and allow you to pay tax, purchase property and pay utility bills. The second one is to open a bank account in Spain. These are mandatory points for all non-residents to obtain it prior to signing the Deed of Sale (Escritura de Compraventa).

Now let’s have a look in details at the home-buying process in Ibiza:

Step 1 – Preliminary Phase: Offer Acceptance and Negotiations Once you’ve found your dream home and the owner has accepted the offer, your agent contacts the owner to initiate negotiations. These involve the terms and conditions of the sale, such as the sales price, terms of any likely renovations or maintenance works that should be undertaken to the house, furniture arrangements, selling date and so on. Bear in mind that this is a non-binding process and if you decide not to continue with the purchase at this stage, you are not legally bound to do so in any way.

Step 2 – Holding Deposit and Pre-Sales Agreement Once the sales price and all the other terms and conditions of the contract have been agreed, a Contrato Privado de Compraventa (preliminary sales contract) is stipulated. This contract includes the details of the property, names of the buyer and the seller, the deposit, the agreed price and the date on or before which the contract must be completed.

At this point the contract is legally binding, so ensure you understand it properly. If unsure ask a lawyer to assist you, preferably someone who is experienced and practiced with the purchase of property in Spain and speaks both English and Spanish.

Once you and the seller have agreed on all the basic terms and conditions, then it’s the moment to put down a holding or reserve deposit to take the property off the market – the amount is normally around the 10% of the agreed sales price. The deposit is usually made with a gestoría.

At this stage a deposit document (Contrato de Arras) is stipulated, which includes: the property particulars, price, deposit payment conditions and date of completion. Should you breach the contract, the deposit is forfeited. If the seller withdraws from the sale, you are entitled to receive double of your deposit back, less any legal fees that may be applicable.

Step 3 – Sales Contract (Escritura de Compraventa) On the agreed sales completion date, you must pay the balance of the purchase price (sales price minus deposit) plus any fees payable including notary’s fees, taxes and duties. Payment can be done by banker’s draft or bank transfer, so foreign buyers are required to set up a Spanish bank account and transfer the money from a bank in their home country. At this point your will sign the “Escritura de Compraventa “ contract, which is equivalent to the title deeds of the property.

You are then issued with the public deed of conveyance (escritura) in front of a Notary Public, who certifies the transfer, and a copy will be passed to the tax office and on to the property registry. The Notary Public in Spain is a public official who is required to witness the deed of sale, however an expert and independent legal advice should be used to protect your own interests.

Education in Ibiza

In the spectacular countryside of the north of the island, we find the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja.

San Juan is becoming one of Ibiza’s most up and coming areas for those seeking their own personal rural retreat with complete privacy away from the bustle of the south and west. The charm of the area is a mix of unspoiled nature (hidden beaches, stunning rugged coastline and beautiful valleys) with the laid-back countryside feeling and boho chic vibe. Due to the increased demand in the area, GHL has opened a new office there specifically for this market.  The classic Ibicenco finca is the primary architectural style found in this area, but there are also a few newly built properties retaining the local style, all of which boast magnificent views. The village of San Juan is the focal point of this region, along with the hamlet of San Miguel. The main beaches in the area are Portinatx, Cala San Vicente and the renowned Benirràs beach – famous for the hippy drummers who celebrate sunset throughout the summer months, while the sun sinks into the sea. Top Ibiza properties with exceptional views increased in price by up to 7% last year and for villas in prime locations prices are around Euros 7,000 per square metre. Rare mountain top properties with sea views can be significantly higher in price.

Santa Eulalia del Río is the second largest municipality of the island.

It starts from the north after Cala San Vicente, and goes right to the outskirts of Ibiza town, around Jesús, in the south. Santa Eulalia offers great shops, restaurants and a beautiful Marina. It’s a vibrant town, not only in summer but in winter, too. The town of Santa Eulalia is the hub of this region, followed by San Carlos village and its famous hippy markets of Las Dalias and Punta Arabi. Several trendy beach clubs, such as Amante, Pura Vida, Babylon Beach and Nikki Beach, as well as the recent opening of two 5-star hotels, Aguas de Ibiza and ME Hotel, have enhanced the area even further. Beautiful country villas, wonderful authentic fincas, ruins ripe for reform and apartments with breath-taking sea views, are all found in this area. Prices in the east are still moderate compared with other areas, having risen an average of 2% last year, but we predict that it will be one of the most interesting markets in which to invest for the next few years. Apartments in prime locations are still reasonably priced, starting from Euros 3,500 per square metre, while villas in the most desirable areas start at Euros 6,000 per square metre.

The centre of the island may not have beaches, but makes up for this with the beauty and tranquillity of the local countryside.

The heart of this area is the picturesque village of Santa Gertrudis, a most attractive village with an open plaza and pedestrian streets, restrained architecture, excellent restaurants, cafés and fashionable boutiques – providing a sophisticated yet laid-back environment. The International School at Morna Valley is a major attraction for families. There are a number of livery stables in and around San Lorenzo and Santa Gertrudis, as horse riding is popular in the area. Another central town is San Rafael, which has been declared the only artisan zone – Zona de Interés Artesanal – in Ibiza because of the traditional pottery shops there. The centre of the island has become one of the most sought after places to live on the island and this is reflected in the property prices, which have risen by up to 10% in the past twelve months. Villas in the best locations with gardens and pools start from Euros 8,500 per square metre, but can be significantly higher with rare sea views.

In the heart of the southern part of the island lies Ibiza Town.

Whilst much of the town is a sprawling modern metropolis, the traditional charm is kept in the Old Town (Dalt Vila) – World Heritage Site with its fortifications and cathedral. The city offers many restaurants, local shops, museums, art galleries, boutiques and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. From the Ibiza port, ferries come and go and super yachts moor at the quayside. Across the water there are the Ibiza and Botafoch Marinas, each with their own selection of fashionable restaurants and nightclubs. Near Ibiza town there is the popular village of Jesús and just above in the hills, we find the exclusive urbanisation of Roca Llisa with its golf club. In the south-west of the island there is the municipality of San José de Sa Talaia, which includes the entire south coast from Playa d’en Bossa in the East, then extends up the west coast as far north as San Antonio. This area boasts many famous beaches with their fashionable beach restaurants and clubs: Playa d’en Bossa, Es Cavallet, Ses Salines, Sa Caleta, Cala d´Hort, Cala Vadella and Cala Tarida. The municipality of San José has seen the most rapid growth in population over recent decades and villas in top locations are priced from Euros 8,500 per square metre.

The municipality of San Antonio de Portmany covers the north-western corner of the island.

The resort town of San Antonio is probably the best known in this area, and it’s the second largest town on the island. The town gets very busy in summer, especially with young English holidaymakers who come to Ibiza for the parties and the sun. In winter the town gets quieter and families enjoy living here. On the outskirts of the town there are the pretty villages of Santa Agnès, San Augustín, San Mateo and Buscastells which remain almost totally unspoilt and keep the charm of the laid-back country-life. In these areas it is still possible to find a relatively quiet place to live. The west side is also famous for the beautiful beaches of Cala Salada, Cala Compte and Cala Bassa. From many places in the west, the amazing Ibiza sunset can be seen, and this adds to the desirability of the area, especially around Cala Salada, with prices around Euros 10,000 per square metre and rising.   (Photo: Shutterstock, Cartera deitsmejust)

The latest GHL Ibiza Real Estate App – Out now!

One of the traditional villages of the North, San Juan is host to a great amount of real estate investment properties, many of which come to the sales market as owners decide for a life change. A beautiful blend of people from the island and a mixed international crowd makes the little village a bubbling meeting place. As a branch of our main office in Santa Eulalia, Gould Heinz & Lang in San Juan offers the same exclusive properties for sale in Ibiza in its new and alternative surrounding. We love to be in the heart of one of the most celebrated areas of the island, both for its unique alternative spirit and for the gorgeous nature that surrounds it, mind rattling beauty in the form of open fields with grazing sheep, stunning beaches with crystal clear water, and a very liberal and artistic feel all around. San Juan is the part of Ibiza with the greatest building protection laws, meaning that building is and will continue to be very restricted, which guarantees the very praised privacy around the few gorgeous properties already in place and also limits the amount of new projects that may be allowed building, according to area segregation and plot size. In GHL we often cater to families looking to enjoy a beautiful holiday home in a natural setting, a contrast to the cities where they work, and people from all walks of life looking to make the most of their time in this spectacular place. There in the centre of the village, GHL has opened a small sister office, offering out well-loved real estate service, opening by appointment. Please feel free to drop in and get to know our new office or call us to schedule a meeting in San Juan or in Santa Eulalia.

Happy New Year!

It seems that, apart from having other innumerable qualities, Ibiza is also a wedding hotspot. It may just be the good fortune that formalizing a life together in such a paradise may represent. It may be the sheer pleasure of celebrating love in one of the most special and beautiful islands of the world. Whatever the case may be, the wedding factory, so to speak, has spread its white wings wide and is soaring above the Ibizan skies. Services such as jewellery design, venue preparation, catering, and film productions are specifically focused on blending the elements of the island with your dream wedding plan. Here is our inspiration recommendation: Weddings – White Ibiza


To celebrate a wonderful and successful year on the long weekend, last Friday the team at Gould Heinz & Lang enjoyed the brilliant food and atmosphere of the gorgeous new restaurant Ses Escoles. Originally a school, the establishment produces its own ecological extra virgin olive oil, which can be tasted in its delicious recipes and is available for sale at the store. Enjoy this mouth-watering experience! Ses Escoles, Ibiza – restaurante & oleoteca

Hippy Ibiza

At Atzaró, one does not only enjoy great cuisine and a lovely environment, but also many special events. Particularly in the summer, almost every evening there is something special going on in this hotspot, from DJ nights to fashion shows to art exhibitions. Throughout the winter, you can enjoy live music, BBQ and takeaway finger food, activities for kids… Check it out: Winter market in Atzaró

Winter on Ibiza

If you would like to visit Ibiza just for a few weeks, perhaps while looking around for the property of your dreams, do not hesitate to contact our rentals expert, Andrew McCullough. You can have a look at what we have on the showcase here: GHL Ibiza Rentals

Ibiza Luxury Destination

As beautiful a time as any on Ibiza, September also holds the promise of absolute excitement in the club scene’s closing period! You can organise your schedule according to dates, musical and thematic preferences, etc. Be careful not to get too dizzy just from checking out the menu: Closing Time

June 27th, 2014

According to Sally Howard from The Sunday Times, “the billionaires have tired of St Tropez and are seeking out new playgrounds on the Med – move quickly and you can still get in on the action while prices are still (faintly) affordable.” Ibiza Town and Cala Conte, Porto Montenegro and Dubrovnik, and Costa Smeralda, are highlighted as the hottest destinations. The Sunday Times: Rich Pickings

June 18th, 2014

From saxophone evenings, flamenco shows, chill-out beats, to yoga and kids’ art events, we recommend you the sea-sun-and-breeze venue of Pura Vida Beach Club… Enjoy delicious meals in a fresh, relaxed and beautiful environment! Pura Vida Events, 2014

May 5th, 2014

There is an interesting article on White Ibiza about the new exclusive partnership between GHL and Pinkwater Select, check it out: GHL & Pinkwater

April 24th, 2014

According to Kyero, the largest property portal in Spain, “Spanish property sales are up, mortgages are increasing and prices are stabilising… For the second month in a row, the quantity of property sales grew strongly, increasing by nearly 40 percent compared to 2013. The value of property sold so far this year has steadied and there was a slight increase in average selling price, figures which corroborate reports that asking prices have flattened out in the last three months. The results place 2013 as the low point for Spanish property and, after such an underwhelming year, an improvement was arguably more likely than further decline, but the latest results also demonstrate more sustainable signs of regeneration for the industry. Most notably, mortgage agreements have begun to increase, with more than a third more properties purchased with the aid of a loan…”

April 7th, 2014

Ibiza is presently bubbling before its yearly explosion. Springtime is a period of residential defrosting and touristic anticipation… Some of the hottest upcoming events are: 12.04 – Blue Marlin Opening: Blue Marlin 17.04 – Amante Opening: Amante Ibiza 17.04 – Km5 Opening: Km5 Ibiza 17.04 – Es Paradis Opening: Es Paradis Ibiza 20.05 – Nikki Beach Opening: Nikki Beach Ibiza 25.05 – Space Opening: Space Ibiza 30.05 – Destino Opening: Destino Ibiza 31.05 – Amnesia Opening: Amnesia Ibiza

December 17th, 2013

A sudden burst of confidence enters the Spanish market following an investment of over €113.5 million by Bill Gates in the prominent building company FCC. This action is now seen by many as foreboding an exit from recession: FCC investment – El País

December 3rd, 2013

Enjoy witnessing the “fresh irony” of Clara Bonet’s paintings, cited this week in the Diario de Ibiza in preparation for her exhibition in the Hotel Pacha, this Thursday from 9 p.m. – have a look: Clara Bonet El Hotel Pacha

September 28th, 2013

As ends of summer go, Ibiza’s is undoubtedly one of the most dramatic: the fauna diversity shift as well as its many closings signal the beginning of a very peaceful time indeed… If this makes you feel in any way melancholic, may we suggest to you a couple of websites that will give you plenty of ideas for catching up on what’s and where’s all over Ibiza during this most interesting seasonal change: Ibiza Spotlight, September 2013 White Ibiza …and if you are German-speaking, do not miss: Scala Ibiza If this is your will, there is still time to make the most of it!

September 2nd, 2013

Property sales in the Balearic Islands were announced this month to have gone up by 6.7%. This year’s surprising increase in tourism confirms that our island is insulated from surrounding adversities, an exceptional spot that does not succumb to any rules while encompassing the most exclusive trends!

August 12th, 2013

Yesterday morning, in the Santa Eulalia bay a… dolphin! Playing with the swimmers, embellishing the already stunning town-centre beach: incredible! Our week’s recommendation, just around the corner, restaurant Pura Vida. Enjoy mouthwatering meals in the seafront, then laze around the deck chairs, enjoying life, until you please… Restaurante Pura Vida Ibiza Don’t forget to join us for a glass of cava, every Friday in August – GHL Real Estate Nights – where we will be available to chat about trends and opportunities from 7 ’til 11 p.m.

June 28th, 2013

Santa Eulalia’s recent town-hall square reformation is a great complement it to its family appeal. A top-end Beach Club, Nikki Beach, has its Grand Opening White Party on the 11th of July, attracting glamorous crowds from all over the world, including Saint Tropez, Marbella and Miami Beach. This is yet another attraction, as well as Babylon and Atzaró Beach, and the recently-built Congress Palace for culture lovers, that greatly increases the value of property on our coasts, as Santa Eulalia goes beyond its already much beloved status, appealing to every crowd! Nikki Beach Ibiza Atzaró Beach Ibiza Babylon Beach – Essential Ibiza Palacio de Congresos, Santa Eulalia